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With Stayr, whether you're back-packing around the world or on corporate travels, you will have the ability to check in and out of hotels anytime. Pay only for what you use.

Micro Stays

  • Celebrations
  • Corporate Meetings
  • Photo-shoots
  • Interviews
  • Short Getaway
  • Bag-Packing
  • Travel Transits

For Starters

Stayr is a booking platform that allows you to check in and out of hotels anytime, with any duration.

A real-time, location-based booking platform that allows you to enjoy flexible hours with hotels around the world and make the most of your time.

Be it for work, leisure, travel, Stayr got you covered, by the hours.

Yes! To Hourly Rooms

The question that fumbles everyone, every single time, whenever the call for seamless accommodation arises. Having the flexibility to get access to affordable accommodations, for different functions, at preferred durations.

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Start your experience of hotels on-demand whenever you feel like, wherever you feel like. With a much friendlier budget option and the easiest way to check in and out. Now what's left is just to enjoy your stay.

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